Walter Straub – Chairman

Walter Straub was a co-founder of Rainbow Technologies, Inc., a public company engaged in the business of designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing information security products.

Mr. Straub served as President, Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Rainbow from 1984 until the merger of Rainbow with SafeNet, Inc. in March 2004. Mr. Straub has served as a director of SafeNet since March of 2004. Since 1989, Mr. Straub has served as a director of CAM Commerce Solutions, a public company specializing in point of sale software and hardware and e-Commerce solutions.

Mr. Straub received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree in finance from Drexel University. In May 1993, Mr. Straub was elected to the Board of Trustees of Drexel University. Also, Mr. Straub serves on the Concordia University President's Advisory Council.