A Scalable Solution for
Cross Industry Applications

For the first time, the innovative Universal Voice Utility from Vangard Voice Systems, makes it possible to upgrade any mobile workforce application, supporting any industry or mobile operation with high productivity capabilities. Voice productivity is now a simplified and affordable solution to optimize any of your existing enterprise mobile solutions and workforce applications, speeding mobile worker productivity, accuracy and efficiency. Now, incremental productivity gains of 15 to 50 percent can be achieved by mobile workforces everywhere.

The ability to collect and access critical mobile information while maintaining worker focus on visual and manual dependent tasks can only be achieved with a reliable, ubiquitous, simplified and affordable voice technology. This ability speeds the execution of mobile inspection, repair, mobile point-of-care and delivery tasks, while ensuring both timely and accurate access and collection of necessary information.

Voice Productivity for Any Mobile
Supply Chain Application

Simplified, Affordable and Completely 'Server-Less' WMS Voice Productivity for Any Commercial or Custom Built Warehouse or Distribution Center. Voice Productivity for any size DC.  [ More ]

Voice Productivity for In-Store Mobile Retail. Inventory, Receiving, Price Check and Stocking.

Achieve new incremental productivity of 20% or more for your mobile workforce... driving down dispatch, service, sales, repair and maintenance costs.

Mobile voice technology has evolved to become a reliable, cost efficient, highly accurate productivity accelerator for mobile healthcare applications from 1st Responders, clinical assessments, and other point-of-care apps.

As a 'force multiplier', mobile voice-directed capabilities improve mobile workforce productivity, for state, local, federal and DOD forces. Improving productivity cuts government operational costs, while further ensuring the success of mission objectives.