Robert P. Bova, President and Chief Executive Officer

Bob has over 20 years experience successfully leading high technology organizations to surpass corporate goals with special competence in entrepreneurial, start-up, rapid growth, M & A and public companies.

As a Director at U.S. Bank/Oliver Allen Corporation, he created the Secure Networking Division and grew it to over $12 million in revenues within 2 years. In 1997, Bova started the ISG division (SSL Technology) at Rainbow Technologies and grew it from zero to $56 million in revenues, in just over 3 years. Bob later served as CEO and Vice Chairman of Enfotec, Inc., a worldwide provider of open system Internet security devices. Enfotec was acquired by Ariel Way Communications, a worldwide provider of secure communications; he served as a Director, and was placed on the M & A committee and managed the acquisition due diligence as well as co-authored the SB2 and took the company public. As EVP of Asita Technologies, Bob was responsible for developing the worldwide sales, marketing, administration, support and finance infrastructures as well as raising $24 million in funding for the organization. He established the organization in the Pacific Rim, Europe and North America.

Mr. Bova holds an MBA in Marketing from National University and a BA from Syracuse University.


Dan Villanueva, Vice President, Marketing

Dan recalls the most memorable compliment he ever received was from little 7 year old Maria, his neighbor's daughter who shouted "Mr. Dan you're a genius!" It was perfectly timed during a July 4th fireworks display Dan cobbled together for his daughters and neighborhood kids. When it comes to marketing productivity solutions to the classic enterprise IT or distribution professional, "we know who the real geniuses are" he says. "They run sophisticated billion dollar operations designed, built and supported by some pretty smart people. Compared to our customer's daily operational scope, our task is relatively simple — understand the customer's business objectives — and help them leverage AccuSpeechMobile to expand the reach of their existing mobile apps and the productivity of their workforce."

Dan contributes 7 years of experience in speech recognition solutions and mobile applications for the enterprise. He brings subject area knowledge of mobile productivity applications across distribution, field services, retail and other vertical markets. His earlier career in enterprise application development, database management, network management and systems software, provides our team and customers with a perspective of both enterprise back-end systems and "last mile" mobile workforce applications. Dan is married, with a son, two daughters and finally an empty-nester, with four great grandchildren.


William Arthur, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer

On any given day Dr. Bill Arthur would rather be found on the tennis court. However his years of experience and expertise in natural language technologies and speech synthesis, makes him irreplaceable as AccuSpeechMobile's chief architect. Dr. Arthur has a Ph.D. in Mathematics/Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, as well as an MA and BA from the University of Massachusetts. His professional career includes substantial experience in both the Text-to-Speech (TTS) and speech recognition disciplines. He was directly responsible for implementing the speech interfaces for the voice-activated VCOMMAND automobile navigation system. Dr. Arthur developed natural-voice TTS system currently being revised for use in a popular radio/ navigation module for a major automobile manufacturer. As Director of Engineering at Cendant Software, Dr. Arthur was responsible for the development and maintenance of all language-related software for the First Byte and Knowledge Adventure divisions, which included several popular Davidson & Associates educational products. This group successfully developed Speech Synthesis APIs and Toolkits for Windows, OS/2 and several telephony application environments including Creative Labs, Dialogic and Natural Microsystems.