Universal Voice Utility and RDE Customization Tools


Wizard-Based Voice-Enabling Process for Any Mobile App

AccuSpeechMobile's innovation powers any existing mobile workforce app with high productivity voice controls, data collection, voice reporting and prompting capabilities. New voice productivity in excess of 20% once reserved only for warehouse operations, is now a practical and affordable capability for any mobile supply chain or field service workforce application.

The Universal Voice Utility provides all the on-board technology to deliver both voice functionality and seamless integration for any mobile web-based, client-server, or thick/smart client application.

• On-board Speech Engine and Full Voice Functionality
• Seamless, Non-Invasive, Custom Voice-User Interface for your mobile application.
• Instant integration with web-browsers, terminal emulators and thick client interfaces.

The patented mobile Universal Voice Utility is tailored to voice-support your mobile app's functions, by a mobile integration file created and compiled by an easy-to-use wizard-based RDE/Voice Customization Console.

Seamless device-based voice integration with your enterprise mobile applications, avoids completely any server-based application integration or voice services. Your mobile device is now the power-center for instant voice control of workforce applications.