Extraordinary Performance for Everyday Mobile Workforce Operations

Transforming Your Mobile Workforce
Why us? Simply stated, by deploying our innovative AccuSpeechMobile voice solution, each one of your mobile workers can be virtually transformed into more than one. Your existing workforce can re-double its productivity without incremental growth in size — extending its grasp beyond its current reach. AccuSpeechMobile is a patented mobile voice solution, proven by enterprise class customers, that represents the next substantial leap in mobile workforce productivity. By employing a voice-user interface, your mobile workforce can be empowered once again to perform their tasks even faster, better and safer in a demanding and complex mobile world.

AccuSpeechMobile creates a custom voice-user interface, powered solely from your mobile devices, that voice-controls your existing mobile applications and business processes. Our innovative solution is completely mobile — eliminating any and all server-based voice software or application integration that's typically associated with traditional "first-generation" voice implementations. Unlike older technologies it's a practical and affordable solution, scalable across any of your workforce applications, easy to deploy, maintain and change.

New Business Profitability with Empowered Mobile Workforces
The advent of a customized mobile voice-user interface liberates the mobile worker's eyes, hands, and personal focus from the mobile computer, enabling complete voice-directed application and device control. Now your mobile workforce can voice-collect, access and transact mobile information, while focusing their attention on the task at hand. With voice-control over your applications your workforce can further utilize their manual dexterity, expertise, skills, and knowledge, improving and expanding their personal capabilities and performance.

AccuSpeechMobile transforms the mobile worker experience and by definition alters substantially the operational dynamics of mobile business and government operations. Cross supply chain voice productivity translates into substantial cost reductions, productivity and contributes to additional profitability... it delivers an empowered workforce operating with new superior capabilities and untapped efficiency.